What We Offer

Our solution is for companies of all sizes and works for anyone, regardless of your network infrastructure. We will configure email for your company to come to us first so that we can scan it for Spam and Viruses. We will then send any legitimate emails to your server or Email provider and keep a copy of any spam emails in quarantine. If you don’t have a server we can deliver any legitimate emails to our mailbox servers and then help you configure your email client to receive email accordingly from your respective mailbox.

We can send you quarantine reports at configurable intervals throughout the day so that you can review any emails we have detected as spam and release any that you think you need to receive. They will then land in your mailbox accordingly. You can also manage your spam by logging into our web portal, here you can see emails in quarantine, set the systems aggressiveness for your account and manage whitelists (trusted senders).

Our email services also offer you email continuity. The built-in integrated queuing and on-demand email service provides a simple yet highly valuable means by which customers can access email even when their own email infrastructure is offline – experience tells us that this facility is invaluable!

We also offer outbound spam protection against the emails that YOU send. This protects your reputation as it will protect against spam or viruses emails leaving YOUR network and reaching YOUR customers. We will detect these emails as spam and stop them getting through to your valued clients.


–          Customers can continue accessing, responding to, and sending email messages, even in the event of an on-premise mail server or network outage
–          Industry leading Virus, Malware and Spam protection
–          Outbound Spam Filtering to protect YOUR reputation and clients
–          Intuitive Web Control Panel allowing you access to your quarantined spam emails and management of your personal account so that you to configure the system aggressiveness and whitelists/blacklists
–          We keep the spam on our systems – it doesn’t get as far as your network