What We Offer

Based on the award-winning Bitdefender Enterprise Software, our managed AV offers you and your systems highly effective virus protection with very low impact on system resources. Our Anti-Virus software will not only stop viruses in their tracks, it is also adept and protecting from malware and spyware meaning your systems have the ability to be protected from various threats.

Our Managed Anti-Virus is deployed to all customers’ devices with just a few clicks from our deployment servers. Most of the time our software will even remove your existing Anti-Virus before installing.

As with a number of our offerings, this is a managed service. This means that once the Anti-Virus software is installed, we don’t just leave you to it. We will be monitoring your systems from behind the scenes and if any of your protected systems report a problem, such as not being able to update, we’ll get onto it and contact you to get the issue resolved. This allows you and your staff to have peace of mind that we’ve got your back.

– Based on award-winning Bitdefender Antivirus engine
– We monitor your workstations and servers Anti-virus updates as part of the service. If they don’t update, we’ll know about it and will resolve the issue with you so that the system in question is soon protected with the latest virus definition files again
– Easy to deploy, we don’t even need to attend site (unless you want us to of course)