Server Backup & Disaster Recovery

What We Offer

Backups are a critical process for all businesses.

If you need a solution that not only backs up your data but also provides business continuity in the event of a disaster, you have come to the right place. Our Business Disaster Recovery solution provides companies with an advanced insurance policy against data loss and costly downtime.

This service allows periodic snapshots of an entire server/PC to be taken which includes both the OS and the data. Should a protected server/PC breakdown due to hardware failure for example, we can get you up and running by simply booting it up on our backup device.

Imagine this real-world scenario: your email server or file server breaks down due to a motherboard failure. This leaves your company losing money whilst a replacement motherboard is sourced and leaves staff unable to do their jobs effectively or at all. If the server in this example was protected by our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution, we would simply boot the server up on the backup appliance meaning your up and running again in minutes and a disaster scenario has been averted. When the original server is up and running, we can the restore everything back to it again.

What’s more, the backups our appliance takes of your key servers are also uploaded to our cloud datacentre, using military grade encryption, meaning that in the event of a site disaster we can give you access to your servers/data in the cloud via a secure VPN. This means that your key servers and data is protected in literally any scenario!

Advantages include:
–          Fully managed solution
–          Speedy backups to the cloud
–          Minimal downtime allowing recovery from server failures
–          Quick restores from local location for file data
–          Complete offsite access in the event of an on-premises disaster
–           We can also restore individual files from the server snapshots in the event of deletion/corruption