What We Offer

Here at Tech365 we offer a range of cloud based services that offer a host of different benefits. Although a number of our services are effectively based in the cloud such as Managed Online Backup, Google Apps for Business, and our Anti-Spam service here we will concentrate on server hosting.

Would you like to remove the hassle of powering and maintaining your server on a day to day basis? If so, our cloud offering is perfect for your business.

Provided through a world class infrastructure, you can host your server within our data centers and allow us to worry about powering and maintaining the hardware. We can also upgrade your server in terms of memory, CPU and Hard Disk space at the touch of a button and on the fly meaning there is no down time for you to have to contemplate.
We can host your servers in the cloud, provide cloud based email through Microsoft 365 and Google Apps for Business as well as provide access to the cloud through OneDrive and Google Drive. The possibilities and potential benefits to your business are endless.

– No more powering your server and paying for a UPS and it’s replacement batteries
– Upgrade your server on the fly without downtime
– Recover from hardware problems instantly meaning greater redundancy
– Purely UK based data centers available for regulated industries
– Save money on new server hardware, we take care of that
– Work from anywhere with ease meaning increased collaboration
– No more worries about the security of your data