What We Offer

Domains are critical in terms of how a plethora of IT services function. One of our domains as an example is and we have services such as a website (the one you’re visiting now) and email running for this domain.

If you need a new domain, whether it be simple parked (dormant) domain, or a domain which will have services running against it such as email and a website – we can help.

Not only can we register the domain for you on your behalf and act as your registrar we will also manage the DNS records which work alongside your domain. If you don’t know how all of this works, we will help you.

Otherwise tell us about any records that you need setting up whether they be TXT, A, CNAME or MX etc and we will configure them as per your instructions.

You can also move any of your existing domains over to us if you would prefer to have all of your domains under one roof.

–          Allow us to simplify the process and setup your domain with the services you use
–          Vast array of domains to choose from –, .com, .org, etc
–          We can manage your domains for you if you’re not technical and provide the Nameservers for your domain to reference